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Box Lunches

Basic Lunch
A convenient way to feed a crew with ease. The basic lunch has one of our famous subs on homemade bread and  Boars Head Lunch meats comes with a bag of chips, a dill pickle spear, a homemade cookie and packs of mustard, mayo and butter.
Basic Lunch $9.99 each
with Wrap $10.99 each

Deluxe Lunch
Everything listed above including a salad of your choice...pasta, potato or coleslaw.
Deluxe Lunch $10.99 each
with Wrap $11.99 each

Veg-Head Lunch
Everything listed above and a veggie sub.
Basic Lunch $8.49 each
with wrap $9.49 each

Piece of Fruit .75

Soda or Water 2.00


Store Number:26